Exactly as the title says. I have a 120w crate head at 4 ohms in a matching crate cab at 8 ohms. So I'm really only getting 60 watts right? So if I bought another 8 ohm cab then it would balance out and I'd get all 120w?

edit: also, could I just change the impedance myself somehow?
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if the head is rated 120W @ 4ohm, then yes, you are getting less power with an 8ohm cab. If you used another 8ohm cab on the other parallel output, it would be 4ohm total load and you would get all 120W. Assuming you have an 8ohm 4x12, then no, you wouldn't be able to rewire it yourself to get 4 ohm, unless you wanted to only use half your cab. Most likely it's using 4x 8ohm speakers, and there is no combination of series and parallel that will give you 4ohm.
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