Hey there, this is my first post here. I thought you could help me find a guitar, budget is $400, although I'd be fine with getting away with something cheaper (anyone order a guitar from rondo?). Use is going to be general purpose rock, clean and dirty, and I have some specifics:

-Fixed bridge (not opposed to trem, but in this range I'd rather spend money upgrading pups)
-Humbucker at the bridge for crunch
-Single coil at the neck for clean (a "coil-tap" humbucker would be nice although I realize this may not be available in the price-range)
-Prefer more ergonomic shapes (eg Strat, SG more than LP, 335, etc), but this isn't set in stone.
-I have big hands, so prefer that it doesn't have the narrowest string/nut spacing, although I could make due (don't want to rule out strats!!!)
-Not opposed to drop-in mods like swapping pickups, so long as it fits the budget.
-Fine with doing my own setup.
-NO brand bias

thanks for the help
try www.craigslist.com
if you live in arizona I know a bad ass shop called az music where I get all my equipment
they sell used guitars is excellent condition for cheap, and they do layaway
I got a DEAN Perfomer-E acoustic for 200 brand new and its usally close to 600
I have a bc rich warlock on layaway right now
you can also check out www.musiciansfriend.com
Well it sounds like you'd like a fat strat:


Or from my favorite brand, Ibanez :


Those are just a couple places to start. I'd suggest any Ibanez RG series too, you should be able to find one with the features you like.
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I have a Cort G250 that has all of the features that you mentioned, including the coil tap, trem, HSS pickups, comfortable strat-like shape and super smooth neck. All for under 400. You can find more features for more money too.
Hey, if your hands are big, you should think about getting a seven string. More than metal dudes use them, they can be used for tons of different things. Especially the Ibanez 7321. It has a great clean sound and a 5 way switch so it uses the single coils in the humbuckers.

Otherwise, ltd mh250nt has decent pickups and split coil. If not that, I don't know, try some guitars out on your own.
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