Apathetic to my existence
Yet demand my sympathy
Give me twice the problems
But you don't help me to solve them

So I'm done with this
Don't need it anymore
Please don't try to use me
You don't seem to realize
Just how much that you abuse me

I'm sure that you will hate me now
But maybe you'll grow to understand how
A jealous heart can be torn apart
When all it sees is apathy
While only giving sympathy

Well i just randomly wrote this during class, and its also pretty much my first lyrics that ive written so feel free to give me any and all advice/criticism that you can.
Apathetic to my existence
Yet demand my sympathy

Been there so many times.
sounds pretty good, i like it. especially for the first lyrics. i get the meaning pretty easily, that's always good.

it'd be cool to hear it in a song.
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