This is a song dedicated to the battle almost every guy or girl has faught at some point in their lives. It's the realization you're in love with your best friend and, naturally, she wants nothing to do with this. As time goes on and you eventually feel the need to blurt it out, the feeling changes.


You said you love my personality,
I guess this means I'm ugly.
Not so fond on tieing ends,
Oh, you'll lose your footing within the bends,
Well, I'm not trying to be friends.
How can I convince my mind,
That the looks that leave me blind,
Will never be mine?
How do I tell these shakey hands,
That firm and steady with your glance,
Will never feel your romance?

Well my axis is on a tilt,
My whole brain is filled with filth,
I hope you suffocate in guilt.
Logic and ego clashes,
Don't blink those poison lashes,
You'll miss me burn to ashes.

You'll sacrafice the truth in spite of me,
I'll sacrafice you in your entirety.
There's so little a ****-up like me can shake,
I'll give as you grab,
You'll bend it until it breaks.