What has happened to the stickied strings thread? I was just about to go out and buy some recommended ones and it seems to have disappeared into Oblivion...
Raffles sees all. Worship the god of confusion.
I was so ready to start commenting about how you should use a tissue when i saw the thread name.

I dunno, it dissapeared a couple of days ago... But then re-appeared.
Also buy GHS strings. In my opinion they are really good.
I have no clue, maybe one of the mods will see this and answer why it was taken down. What type of strings are you looking to buy, (Nylon or Steel)?
I'm not sure why the sticky was deleted...I pretty sure Jim is trying to consolidate everything right now, so some version of it will be back eventually.

What kind of tone are you looking for? Bright or warm? coated or uncoated strings?

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