Hey does anybody know anything about this guitar.. all i know is that is a Palmer
i never use but would like to know what ist worth.. i dont believe its much :I
i dident notice it says Framus on the pic.. on mine it just says Palmer and nothing more.. that fact that it is a cheap rip off come as no surprise.. dident find anything on the framus site thoug.. gues they dont wont anything to do with it :P
Look in the neck pocket (as previous stated), check out the back of pickups or something...sometimes there might be a stamp of something (country of origin etc)

I've never heard of it, and it seems to me like a fairly average Ibanez copy.
Don't expect much money for it, unless it makes lasagne or something.

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thanks for the hint ill look into it later.. i wasent expecting much money for it to start with..