Hi guys
I'm going to be building myself a guitar sometime this year and i was just wondering what kind of pickups to use.
I was originally considering the EMG Zakk Wylde set, but I've heard mixed reviews about them.

So i was thinking about Seymour Duncan pickups but i have no idea whether they are good or not, so if you know any good ones can ya tell me?
I'm looking for a pickup that will handle high gain metal kind of stuff, i.e. Metallica, Sabbath, Parkway Drive, that kind of stuff.

P.S I am looking for 2 humbuckers

P.S.S Here's a list of SD pickups http://www.warmoth.com/pickups/pickups.cfm?fuseaction=pickups_g_seymour

P.S.S.S Can be active or passive
Get a set of Livewires if you want really high gain.
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well if you want high gain but no batteries: SD Dimebucker, i love mine, usually when i go to my lessons i have to turn down the amp in there because it's kinda loud lol, and for the neck a jazz
i also love my EMGs, but don't get a ZW set, just get an 81/85 combo if you go that way
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but don't get a ZW set, just get an 81/85 combo if you go that way

same thing
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