(Searchbar came up with nothing) So I tried to tune my guitar to drop D. I saw somewhere that all you do is drop the low E to a D. I did this, yet when I play it sounds like crap. Like it's detuned... which I suppose it is.

If anybody can tell me how to drop D tune on a chromatic tuner I'd be very grateful. Thanks.
press the flat button twice, or play 7 on the E string and tune it down till it says A
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well my ****ty korg u just press like the flat button twice and that works so yeah try that or just do it by ear its piss easy
Are you trying to play a powerchord with say 5th fret on your E(D) string and 7th fret on your A string? If so, that'll be why it sounds crap.
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press the flat button twice, or play 7 on the E string and tune it down till it says A

Ah, so simple... thanks man, that really helped, it sounds great!

Problem solved.
Yeah if you have a Floyd Rose (or an Edge 3 like me) it's going to detune every string if you drop D tune it. Most of the time if you sit down for a while retuning the strings a few times it will hold tune but it's never going to be perfect.
You have to adjust the springs in the back if you want it to be perfect (if you don't know how take it to the shop or if you want to take a gamble I'm sure there's tutorials on how to do this on the internet), but then you'd have trouble getting it back to standard E.
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