Hi there, don't know weather this is the right section or not but here goes.

In January i started in a new band, now we have written 11 songs, and we, last night worked out a setlist, so we played through it in a gig style situation, the other three were fine, but me, as rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, and sadly the biggest member of the band, i was sweating buckets after 2 songs.

That showed me i have to get into some shape, where i dont end up standing in a puddle at the end of every gig, at the moment i'm 17 years old, i stand at around 6 ft 3, and i weigh around 16 stone (224 lbs) i'm not fat, i have been told so by my doctor, though i have some muscle from when i used to lead a rugby team, its now starting to deterioate now i have left school and i'm working.

so the question is, can anyone give any advice as to what i can do to get myself into fairly good shape?

with local gyms charging extortionate prices per month, and if i go out for a jog or a bike ride, im always approached my the scum of great britain welding melee weapons.

what can i do?

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Keep playing exactly as you are in both practice and when you gig. You'll get more fit and your stamina for playing like that will increase without a doubt.

I guess you could do some other aerobic exercises to help if you wanted seeing as you've stopped getting that kind of exercise from your Rugby, but it's not necessary.

Not that I want to feel like a wreck, but I'd feel like I hadn't put enough into it if I wasn't sweating at least a little bit.
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you could get some dumbells or something from a store and use them at home also do press-ups and stuff.
Just keep practicing as if it was a gig situation.
I'm sure running would do you plenty of good. Go for a bike ride if you don't want to run. Or maybe swim?

EDIT: And honestly sweating has nothing to do with whether or not you're in shape.. I'm in good shape and I sweat very very profusely.


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I run about two and a half miles to and from work each day, that helped me, find something along those lines.
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Bicycle Crunches. Lots of them. Especially good for the rectus abdominus (abs).
Buy weights for muscle.

Use a skipping rope for cardio - good way to burn fat without leaving the house
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**** pushups?

But seriously, don't diffrent people sweat diffrent? Like, I had this one friend in middle school, he was very fit, but he was sweating like a pig.
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Awesome post, dude.

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