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EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai
6 24%
Boss DD-20
2 8%
TC Electronics Nova Delay
8 32%
Line6 DL4 Delay Modeller
9 36%
Voters: 25.
Hi all,

Having decided to buy myself a delay unit, I've hit a bit of a brick wall in deciding which to buy. There are so many options, I'm pretty much overwhelmed.

I think I've got it down to one of four options: EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Harazi, Boss DD-20, TC Electronics Nova Delay & Line6 DL4.

They all seem to do much the same as each other, give or take the odd option (looping etc).. so I can't really choose based on that.

I was just wondering what people's opinions on those pedals are? If anyone has any specific issues with any of them? Or knows of something else entirely which might be better?

I'll be putting this in the FX loop of a Matamp 1224mk2, so loss of natural tone would be one big consideration, but having had no opportunity to check any of them out, I'm at a loss as to which is more appropriate.

Any advice gratefully received.

i've played with them all.

the DD20 is a no nonsense straight up delay, heck easy to use. i liked the tone better than the DL4.

The SMMH is what i have now, and its my favourite outta the bunch. its a tendancy to do wacky stuff with this pedal, but it can do straight up delay as well.

NOVA DELAY. this is what i think is a scaled down version of the Eventide Timefactor. i like it because theres a nice little screen (ala DD20) and its got a lot of features in it (Mod, tape/dig)

DL4 i thought this was ok, but its probably because i didnt spend the most amount of time with it. the four footswitches would be useful, (see a band called Minus the Bear, the guy uses 4 of these) but alot of people have reliability problems with it.

My verdict is to get the SMMH if you like wacky, or the NOVA if you just want something straight up.

if you want a great mod ANALOG delay, get yourself an EHX DMM or Subdecay Echo Box
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Any particular reason you say that? or just personal preference?

Thanks guys.
personal preference. more bang for your buck. it does quite a lot rather effectively.
Has anyone had any experience with controlling the TC electronic pedal's tempo with your strings?

That sounds intriguing, I'm wondering how well it works.
when you press the tap tempo it mutes your signal and you just rake the strings to the songs tempo.
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off topic...kinda...but i have a question about the memory man...is it posible to just play with the reverse?..i mean no delay, or echo, not even your original signal...just the reverse...hope you know what i mean
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I think, out of these options, that it would be very silly to go with the Boss or EHX.
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