Just came to re-stringing my Fender Strat (1 year old Mexican), i notice the screw on the faceplate just underneath the neck has begun to start rusting. Aesthetically it does not bother me but i just wondered if theres a chance it could severely effect the guitar in the long run

should i replace it/take it out/leave it?
there is a chance that if it continues to rust that it'll stick in there. possibly causing problems if you ever needed to get to the wires / pickups inside if they go bad.
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aaa right, thanks lads ill probably consider changing it next time i restring (y)

is it just a generic screw? or do i have to buy some fancy sort?
they sell pickguard screws in guitar parts stores and on line.

the screw isnt going to cause a problem, but i wonder why the screw rusted.
might be a fluke, but make sure you arent keeping that guitar in a too humid area.

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If it isn't too rusted (I.e. isn't completely rusted just started rusting use a silver polishing cloth to scrape off the excess rust and try not to sweat on your guitar as much (guessing this is what is causing the rusting).

And yes i know the silver polishing clothes cure everything!

If not just replace your guitar screw next time you re-string.
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aye, its only beginning to go rusty on the top, it doesn't really look like its about to start eroding away, ill probably get round to changing next time i restring if it gets any worse

thanks for all the advice people