Hey there,

Just wanted to share some music I've been writing daily to try and keep my creative mind switched on.

I started a new project called The Daily Melodies, writing, recording, uploading and emailing short tunes everyday to a free subscribers list

here are some examples:

bard edit: removed links.

I'm trying to spread the word on this and share it with as many people as possible... check out dailymelodies.com if you wanna sign up for free deliveries everyday.

Love some feedback, cheers

awesome. the first one in the list is my favourite.

im gonna suscribe. you should consider making an album of your best daily melodies stuff. i'd buy it, easy
it's a tough one, wasn't sure where to post... today's melody (April 2) is a bit 'riffy' but most of the others are more suited to this forum - did you check some of the other dates? try Feb 8... it's nice and baroque...

because the whole concept is to write a song every day, i have to chop and change style, timing, tempo, feel, timbre, etc... but the constant is always the acoustic guitar... no effects except some reverb.

appreciate your feedback though...
You can't really advertise your site here, so I'll have to close the thread.

Feel free to leave your website in your signature, and to post your recordings over in the Riffs and Recordings forum.

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