Too long between compositions allows the creative part of your brain to go to sleep. It can be turned on again, but not instantaneously. Sometimes the idea won't arrive until days after you started trying to come up with something.

I thought I'd try something new and write small compositions every morning to turn on the creative brain - and leave it on.

Since Dec 2007 I've composed 67 short pieces and they are flowing readily now... to keep me obliged, I emailed them everyday to my family and friends. Before too long people were writing back asking to be added to the list.

So I've started a web player called the Daily Melodies. Every day after composing and recording the tune is uploaded, and an email is sent out to subscribers.

Check it out at http://dailymelodies.com

here are some other pieces from past dates:

This is a love project, so spread the word to anyone you think would be into it.

For the record, it really has worked and I feel my composing flows so much more freely than before and the complexity of the pieces has really flourished.

Cheers guys... happy composing!
Dude that's totally awesome. How I would be able to come up with something as good daily is just

Anyway, I've subscribed =]
hey cheers guys

it's slowly developing my creativity further and further...

I reckon anyone can do this... but it's about doing something small everyday

when you do it regularly, you can't help but explore different things like style, tempo, timing, form, modulations, etc etc

I just love composing so much, it's addictive to see what is going to come out next

all you need to do is subscribe through my web-page below

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