personaly i hate My chemical romance and they should not have headlined.... wut do u think of them headlinging?
lol what kind of thread is this...?
there's an mcr thread somewhere, talk about it in there.
or put it in the pit, and burn.
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emos forever
You really should talk about it in the mcr thread

But yeah I didn't think it was a good idea, all the people who go are angry metalheads

No matter how much you dislike a band you should never bottle them, they won't leave stage cause you throw a few things at them. pst.
MCR headlining Download is an idiotic idea, and should I find out the one who made that decision, I swear I'm gonna slit his throat in his sleep while repeating the phrase, "phnglui garble mash ferutyigo!" over and over again until he dies due to loss of blood and/or ear impairment.

EDIT: And oh yeah, btw, Emo-bashing is so out-of-date now just so you know, don't ride the F*cking band wagon now, and, no, liking METAL!111!!!1 DOESN'T MEAN your Bro0tal and cool.... a friendly reminder from the MCR Nazi
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