My regards to the community. I already have a taste of music as I played Saxophone for 6 years and sang in choir for 5. I want to have my fingers going on an acoustic guitar. I already own 2. . I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good way to start out. What should I be doing, etc... That kind of stuff. Any advice would be great.

First, you should learn the parts of the guitar. It is basic and goes by rather fast. Learn some chords, scales, theory, and techniques. Just learn some of all, so you can get a feel for them. It will take a little bit of time to get it all. Also, don't forget to learn some songs and have fun with it. When many people just tell them to get all technical they forget to have fun and just play some songs. Learn some tablature to learn some songs or get some sheet music(if you can find any) or just get the chords to the song(killing two bids with one stone).
First, you need to know how to read guitar tab. If you know how then that will help you a lot. For me, what I started out doing was learning songs I knew on the guitar. I actually started out with AC/DC, but what I would suggest is to start by playing this land is your land, or something like wish you were here by pink floyd. Also, if you check out the forums on acoustic guitars and look at the "what songs" thread you'll probably find that that will help you.
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First, you need to know how to read guitar tab.

This is not a need, might I add. You can learn completely by ear that of which you could see in tablature. You can learn songs based on chords thus no tablature. You can learn straight from sheet music, thus no tablature. Tablature is not a must, it is a nice thing to have but it is not a must.
^ I agree.

I actually learned how to play using standard notation first. It puts you far, far ahead in the game. Since you already know how to read the treble clef, I would find books that start with that. I played sax for about 5 years before I played guitar, and it seemed natural to me to read music instead of tabs. Tabs are easy to learn later anyways.

I used the Hal Leonard series of books to learn how to play. I highly recommend them. They're like 6 or 7 bucks a piece. You should be able to find them at any music store.

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but to learn a chord for example G wouldnt you be look at this:



which is tab?

/ \
/ _ \
That is one way to learn chords. There are other ways. If I can find one of those chart thingys, I will show you. It is basically just like with a scale how they have the frets there and all, know what I am talking about?

Oh, and another way would be the use of theory to get that chord; no tabs needed. How do you think the person who made that tab for you to learn by got it?
you can also learn chords from looking at people, and looking at pictures with hands on the fretboard....I totaly agree you dont need tableture, its better if you learn the notes on the fretboard since you can already read music.
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If you want to *no advertising, link removed* I think that the best going would be to get an online source.

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