Right, well im going to be getting a new amp in the next week or something as ive had just about enough of my MG50
For the most part its going to be a practice amp but needs to be giggable for small-medium venues & besides I jam with a drummer a lot so it needs to be able to get over the drums easily & be heard loud & clear...
However I AM on a bit of a budget & so ive decided on getting one of these:

Kustom Quad 100DFX Combo
Peavey Bandit 112
Marshall AVT100X Combo
VOX AD100VT Combo
VOX AD100VT-XL Combo
VOX AD50VT2-XL Combo

Im just not sure which one to get...I was originally looking at a Valveking but im not sure I can get my hands on one..SO

I know that the Kustom & Peavey are SS whilst the VOX & Marshall are hybrids but in terms of what im looking for which would be better?
I play thrash metal/death metal..metal basically, for the most part so i want some good distortion but I use a Metal Zone (which i actually really like) that can cover most of the heavy stuff so the cleans & overdrive are more what im worried about.
Since the VOXs are what have caught my eyes & ears so far would the XL be better for my style of music? I also spotted the VOX AD100VTH & V412BK half stack that I can get for not too much more than some of those so i was wondering if that would be better in the long term since it would be better for gigs? If the cab is crap I could just buy the head & get a different cab..however im thinking that a half stack might be overkill?
Maybe an AD50VT2-XL would even do the trick? I dont know...

Basically id just like some pointers as to what to get since im not really sure what to go for atm...
& besides I dont really want to make the same mistake as i did with my last amp..
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