Ive just written a groove to through on the end of what i allready had, but this song still isnt finished. It the most technical piece on music ive ever done in the respect that theres some weird rythms going on towrds the end. im pretty pround of it. im not a much of a music nerd, so could somone tell me if those are poly rythms at the end. just leave a link of ur track and i'll crit it.

Lamb 3.zip
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Very repetitive, very dissonant, and very mediocre. Although, I'm sure there's gonna be people singing it praises... Not really that good to me, but if you finish it, it might evolve into something good.
well.. it was really just two riffs over and over again

if you wrote some more and repeated stuff a LOT less, it would grow better, IMO

good look in your future musical adventures :P