Hi, i have a £50 credit note for a local guitar store. I need to spend it in the next few days as i am moving away.

My setup is:

Washburn Idol Wi65 Pro with duncan pickups

Roland cube 60 with daphon od and compression pedals.

Planet waves cables.

can you guys think of anything useful i might buy with the £50?

i mostly play metal but not always

just get loads of strings, i bought 30 packs last time I was in the states, way cheaper than in the uk LOL
just realised your in UK, get strings anyway. too dear to spend real money on, get 5 boxes of 3packs of daddarios! got yourself 15 new packs of strings
EQ pedal?
Vox amplug?
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I'd grab a spare cable or two and then spend the rest on strings and picks.
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thanks guys, yeah £50 is roughly $100

the vox amplug was something i totally forgot about but that i ma seriously considering.

i rang up today to ask about pickups and they were selling a seymour duncan jb for £85 total rip off. thats the problem with guitar stores.