Ok... My name is John, I'm 15 and I'm the leader of a small garage band. There are two other members (another guitarist and a drummer). Bassists are a real rarity around here. Chances are better of getting one of the small 3 or 4 year old kids in your family to think your cool and then influence them to play Bass til they're old enough to play in your band, than actually finding a Bassist who isn't already in a band, or just part time/poser.

So... I posted here in the new members section since I'm not really new to the forums, but I don't post much, so not many know me. I been playing for about 7 months (give or take a week).

Me and my garage band had intentions of getting gigs after writing some songs. Nothing major, and we aren't really holding our breath for paying ones either. So, my dillema is this... As a band, when we sit down and attempt to write music together, nothing flows. At all. Same goes for if I writing some cool sounding riffs and stuff, and then bring it to the table.

I really need some experienced bandleader's/guitarist's/muscian's advice for writing music and how to get it to flow together. I looked at the major scale and modes of it. None of it really makes sense, I grasp the jest of it, the modes seem to be semi-different modes of playing but with far different sounds for the different styles of music. But, that's all I really understand from it, I'm clueless as to how I can actually apply it to my music writing/playing.

Also, as a leader figure, I beleive I'm pretty good at it. I'm a guy with decent standards, I don't like drugs and crap like that and I keep my bandmates clean, I'll get aggressive when the situation calls for it, I keep our playing time from being random jam sessions most of the time (sometimes its good to just jam like an idiot while no one's looking), etc. But as a guitarist... I'm out-matched by the other guy, he's been playing for about a year longer than me, and he's plays rediculously fast and ALL of it is by ear for him... I'm decently fast in my own sense (Fast enough to do most solos, minus anything shredder or speed metal) but... Yeah... I'm kinda frustrated by that too, since I was originally supposed to be the lead guitarist, but I'll probly end up handing it over to this guy.

So, really, anybody with a little advice, PLEASE advice me... Frustration level is at a nice comfortable 160%
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7 month is early really, your skills are probably nowhere good enough for anything decent and your writing skills will be close to 0. it takes a while of writing your own material to become decent at it and be able to put it all together. also if the other guitarist is "fast" as you put it (and has been playing for 1 year and 7 months) how come nothing flows?

also the title of band leader if stupid, you dont need a leader with a title, you just need to be able to work together well enough and the "leader" will be shown with time.

just go with the flow... keep trying if there is no flow. and all will come with time.
hi John since this is not the correct forum for this question and it's already full of spam (warnings have been handed out), i'm closing this thread.

we have a forum under Musician Talk called Bandleading - this question would probably be answered best there

good luck with your band!
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