does someone knows how to get a sound like muse?

and then especially songs like Supermassive Black Hole, Stockholm Syndrom, New Born etc.

(i also have a Boss-GT8, so if someone knows something with that, would be great)
but anything else is good too, just wanna know how to get that sound.

(no, i'm not english)
I'd start with some fuzz, not sure about after that, but there are a few more effects on certain songs.
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you'll definately need a guitar

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I'd start with some fuzz, not sure about after that, but there are a few more effects on certain songs.

yes some fuzz sounds already close, tnx
Phaser and Whammy are pretty much essential
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Delay and Fuzz - specifically a Fuzz Factory ( I think, I'm no Muse fan)
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Everything's there. Basically, zVex fuzz factory should do the job for distorted sounds, Digitech Whammy, MXR Phase 90, some kind of synthesizer for more trippy stuff. Guitar with humbuckers (Bellamy uses custom guitars, just use one with two humbuckers and you'll be fine).

Oh, and a tube amp with good clean sound, his distortion is all fuzz anyway.
IMO there isn't a 'muse' sound, most songs sound different tone-wise.

For an overall dry version of it, humbuckers with alot of fuzz, the fuzz factory can replicate Matt Bellamy-esque sounds really well (oscillation etc).

But for his wierd spacey sounds etc he has a kaoss pad and a shed-lod of effects.
You could maybe play around with combining Auto Riff and some sort of synth effect on your GT-8 to get some of the cool really fast synthy stuff like in Take a Bow and Bliss.

You might get more answers at the www.bossgtcentral.com forums, they have a forum specifically for the GT-8. You should check them out.
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