so i finally decided to go with the lil JB jr for the bridge of my deluxe strat keeping the middle and neck SCNs, bc i dont like the rock tone i get from the single coil bridge, through my 40 watt fender deluxe i can get a nice overdriven bluesy/ somewhat overdriven rock tone if i crank it, but i obviously can get a nice rock tone like the generic LP/marshall sound.

Is there any way i can simulate that tone with the strat and Jbjr pickup with that amp, between my pedals (boss OD/dist,big muff, and boss eq) and the amp settings, bc i havent found anything that sounds at all like a good rock tone, a la. slash, page, any of those dudes.???

thanks for any suggestions comments, esp from anyone who plays with a similar set up, who has the Jb jr as well.