Hey there,

I bought a Yamaha ERG121 electric some time back, second hand from ebay, simply as my first guitar so I could get the hang of things. Ive since bought an acoustic and I find myself playing that more. As such, I thought I'd have a go at sprucing the electric up, afterall if it goes badly I've not lost much as it only cost me £30 including an amp.

Right, so the Yamaha looks like this

Now I was thinking possibly go for either a mirror or chrome finish (I can find how to do that). The look I was going for is Matt Bellamy's Chrome guitar :

Obvious problem, thats more of a Tele shape than anything. Is there any way I could shape a piece of wood to fit in the gap between the horn and neck to make my guitar more like that shape ? The strap button would still be on the original horn part so that shouldnt be an issue...

Thinking about it, I'd also need to sort out the cut out bit on the bottom left (just visible in the picture) to make the whole surface flat.

I did have a quick search but couldnt find anything.

Any thoughts/ideas/criticisms ?

way too much work, go buy a cheap used tele if you're going to refinish it anyway
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Quote by handlerb
way too much work, go buy a cheap used tele if you're going to refinish it anyway

he's right...i think you shoud get a cheap tele aswell...or just chrome finish the yamaha
its absurd, sell your guitar and buy another if youre unhappy with it... or maybe take your 2 minutes of thinking before buying a guitar?
The body shape really has very little to do with the tele tone. If you want to convert the thing, just take off the pickgaurd and bridge, fill the cavaties with alder or poplar or ash blocks, then re rout to fit a tele bridge and neck pickup. Then make yourself a custom pickgaurd to cover up the ugly bits. Don't bother trying to fill in the horn, it's not going to change the way the guitar sounds.
Not taking any online orders.
Alright, perhaps the plan was a tad absurd :P
I'll have a root around for a cheap used tele then.

Cheers anyway