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conpiracy (titanic)

Fellow members of the
Co-conspirators investigating
Conspiracies club
Today we have made a shocking discovery
The Titanic, the blue whale of ocean liners...
Never really sank


Exhibit one
This fuzzy but painfully realistic photograph,
Clearly shows the Titanic
Assassinating John F Kennedy
Over 50 years after it "hit by an iceberg" and "sank"


Exhibit two
This blurry but brutally authentic photograph
Shows the titanic and its alien friends, being hidden from us
By the sinister and menacing United States Government


And finally, exhibit three
A distorted but damningly accurate portrait
Of America’s perfect cruise vessel
Crashing into the world trade centre
Cruelly murdering hundreds of thousands of people
All illegal immigrants, gathered there beforehand.

Now to you, ladies and gentleman:
Post your semi-professional videos on youtube immediately,
Expose this abhorrence;
Expose this conspiracy!


while swimming over my neighbors house,
i cant help but think of two things

1. the "rescue" which remains carrot to a rabbit
2. i dont want to be a decomposing lifesaver for my daughter

i havent heard her voice for years, though its been only days
and my back is raw from my only friends rays
my eyes are dry, but the water is filled with salt for a reason

in case of emergency, break my spirit.