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Footprints- the tragedy of men.
We walked 8 miles to see the fireworks.
That was before we realized their

Sky Scraper, Movie Maker
And what it means to cast a shadow.
We walked home, after the show, talked about disease and fame/ine
But nobody cared to tell me
That the world could have collapsed today
And become flat like it once was.

ab initio, ab intra. ad astra, ad vitam aeternam

From the side of the rode, the side of the funnel,
She watched with hair taut, tied with tassels.

vox populi, vox nihili

We got there in march but it was still too cold.
Ave Caesar, morituri de salutant
Until we see there's nothing more we want.

Break. Snap.
A rose in a sidewalk crack
A rose under my heel's clack
Dead, but never grass.



A title earned not given.
A title of inaction.
A title of contentness.

Some men are born great,
some receive it as a graduation present,
and others, they fight.


Name a sacrafice,
let them give it.
Name a price,
let them pay it.
Name a person,
let them crucify him.

Give a great man a
worthy cause,
and he'll go down in flames
to make the change.

Give a pussy a
worthy cause,
and he'll make sarcastic remarks
about how the change isn't necessary.
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