This is my first attempt at writing lyrics so please don't flame me too badly . I plan to use these lyrics in an accoustic/soft rock song assuming they dont get shot down by you guys

All I have


All I have is time
Time that waits for nothing
Time that’s never stopping
Waiting that has imprisoned me


The walls are left scarred
In this prison with no bars
All I know is the time
that I’ve wasted

Always thought but never action
What will it take to get a reaction
Will I ever feel,
the cold air again?

Warm hands pressed against the glass
Struggling to recollect the past
The fear I once felt
I’d never felt so alive

Reckless speculation of our future lives
But looking back they where all lies
Just childish dreams
That could never be
for a first time, it's really nice. i think you could flesh out the verses a bit, but i guess it depends on the melody. i really like how they sound, and the images and wording a very nice. however, i do think you should rhyme the last two lines of every verse as well as the first two. not rhyming the last two breaks the nice flow you have.
Thanks for the feedback, mabye I should write the music and see how the lyrics fit before changing anything?