I'm lookin to buy the Dice Works Muff Diver but i cant find the guy's email (think his names eric) so im lookin for someone on here who has bought from him to give me his email
The past 3 threads i made went unanswered, is there somethin wrong with my posts or does just no one know?
probably because no one knows.

I for example have never heard of this company.
Yep, never heard.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
not really a company, some guy runs his own business but the problem is he doesn't have a webpage, everyone deals with him through email

From what i've heard, he nails the original triangle muff sound, and the Pete Cornish setting is supposed to be modeled after the mods done to Gilmour's muff
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in case you were still looking for his info, I have 2 pedals from him, the astronimus and the Dice-o-matic, both are really great pedals.

his email: tone_bender [at] comcast [dot]net, if not that you 'll find him on ebay selling his stuff, name: t-booster

let us know how the pedal works out.