I just bought an Ibanez DE7. It sounds really good, but i can only get it to work if i power it with a battery. None of my 9 volt adapters (that all work with my other pedals) can get the pedal to switch on.
Do Ibanez pedals need a special kind of adapter?
maybe the AC input is busted. send it back.
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It's possible the AC input is whacked, but you also have to make sure that you got the right voltage power adapter. It could need higher voltage. The manual should indicate it, and most modern pedals have an indication somewhere near the input or on the bottom as well.
More information I just cottoned on to.

With the adapter plugged in, i can hear the guitar (so the signal IS being put through the pedal), the pedal jsut doesnt turn on.

Does that make any difference, or should I just get a replacement one?
I had the WD7 wah and it took 9vDC center pin (-) so im guessing most ibanez pedals are like the boss and take the standard 9VDC setup. Be sure to match voltage and polarity. get an equal or higher amperage rating as a circuit will only take the amps it needs.