If you have a tone stack (EQ) on your amp and you're using pedals that also have a tone stack on them which do you use?

I didn't have that problem before with my VJ. LOL.

I bought a Fender Blues Jr and here I am working 'em out, use this, use that, mix 'em.

At least I'm learning somtin'
Well, it just depends. Generally, amps have tonestacks that cut on any setting but the highest...if you're inclined to do so, run them all wide open, and work from there. I generally start with my tone pots all on 8 or 9.

When you have a pedal with a tonestack, you can use it to change the sound of the amp, and then click it off. EG: run an EQ. EQ the amp how you want, set the EQ to do something else for...something else.

In conclusion, expiriment!
Hmm.. the manual says the tone controls either cut or boost the tone so in the middle position is where it's neutral?

Yea, I've been experimenting.