ok so a couple months ago i took my video camre up to the ski resort. (im a snowboarder btw) and my plan was to hold the camera, and record my run as i went down the mountain. so it was a clear day, about 28 F and about a 3 min run for me. i go kinda fast. so i didnt fall, didnt go under any snowblowers or anything like that. got to the bottom, put it in my backpack, and carried on with the day. well we left a couple hours later and it wouldnt turn on. dead batterie right? no. it wouldnt charge when i got hoime either. so. camera guys! what is the problem. its a samsung, i hardly ever use it too. it records on those mini dvds, and it takes power to spit out the dvd so i cant even watch my run now. help!
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the cold might of wrecked it, as it can do that to electronics

I dropped my iPod in snow.

It still works. I don't know why.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.