Does anyone know what the average salary for a guitar teacher or whatever is?

lessons for me are £12 for half an hour, how many lessons do music teachers do daily?

just wanted to know
I worked it out once and its not that greater income unless you are a pro who can charge alot, or get a deal with a school.

I have 1 student from my old teacher who I charge £8 per hour, and if I get any others, it will be £15 per hour.

If you do a lil math to make 30k a comfortable salary, you need to do 5 lessons a day at £15

Now I dunno about you, but that would do my head in.

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My teacher does £19 an hour and he comes once a fortnight
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It would really depend on how good you are. For instance... Paul Gilbert was Bucketheads teacher at one point. Do you think Paul Gilbert was cheap? Hell no.
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I pay my guitar teacher £25 for 2 hours.
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Apparently its not that much, I pay my guitar teacher £8.50 per half hour though
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