Hi I didn't know where else to post so I thought some of you may know (cause maybe you have immigrated?) I live in Scotland I've lived here all my life (well between here and England) and could never adjust to the lifestyle..weirdly enough. I was always kind of envious of Americans and Canadians because I just thought it was way cooler over there. I went to Canada one summer to visit family..and since then I've decided I want to immigrate..really badly.. Theres nothing for me here. I am studying computer networking because I knew this is a career that pays good.. and would be good for immigration purposes. I have gotten to my degree year and I've basically had it.I am sick about learning about PHP scripts and SINE wave calculations. I am not naturally smart..and the thought of walking around in a shirt and tie fixing networks scares me. I can't live that sort of life...even if it pays well. I am not career driven. I want a job I'll like. I havn't yet thought of a job I'd like. thats the problem. So my question is this. What does it take to immigrate to Canada? Without scoring big points on the immigration system by being a Degree or Honours Degree graudate. I have a Higher national diploma if that means anything.
I'm an American, and I can tell you it's a lot harder to get into Canada than it is to get into the U.S. Being from the UK I'm pretty sure all you would really need to do to get into the U.S. is prove you're not a terrorist and can be a productive member of society.
ahh PHP...

if you do anyhting go to BC, weed is legal there
incubus rocks my world
Weed isn't legal there. They just don't come down as hard on you when you get busted with it. They are smart enough to realize a pothead isn't much of a concern to society.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
If I was in England and wanted to move to Canada or the U.S. I would chose Montreal. Just adding my $0.02.
new brunswich ftw, so relaxed here. pretty much the same as the rest of the east cost. as far as the actualy immegration i have no idea how to do it. sorry.

edit: im saure youve found this but you have to contact the embassy responsible for your region wich is in london. heres the page with thier info http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions/london.asp

oh and our government gives our rediculous ammounts of money to imigrants averaging around $1200/month in bc/alberta. and no i cant be bothered to quote a statistic i read (stats canada) bout 6 months ago
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
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