I'm just starting to play again after almost 20 years and I'm trying to achieve the same sound as the below YouTuber link. My ax is a ESP M-200 with EMG 81's... I emailed this guy and he said he's using a POD 2.0 and plugging direct into his PC when recording.. I also have a POD 2.0 but I bought it used and dont have any software or cables so I cant do any tone transfers. Actually I'm looking to buy a new amp with a budget of about $500.. Most of my playing is home studio stuff so my volume will be low to medium. I used to play a 1962 SG (p90 pick-ups) with a hotrodded 100w marshall back in the day but it didnt sound good unless I had it cranked (sometimes I would run it on 10 and just turn my cabinets around).. I can get some good crunch right now but I cant seem to get that deep bottom low tone crunch he's getting so what amp would you recommend to duplicate this sound?

Youtube Crunch

Thanks for helping a old time head banger.