Hey guys, I really really like the way this one came out. I took a little bit of my own style to the song, I like do to every song. Hope you guys enjoy it! Ill c4c if you need it!

I just put it on youtube guys, tell me if you like it!

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Pretty good cover. I will say this though... watch your pitch. You fell flat at times.

Really good job at it though man. I know all about how hard keeping on pitch can be ;P. When I sing out of my comfort zone, I can go sharp, or be consistently flat at times. It will come in due time my man.
I hear the flatness. Your right though, it comes when comfortable with the song. I just heard it and learned it today. So maybe ill update in the future. I really appreciate the positive crits guys, it makes me happy
A little pitchy at spots, but I think the biggest issue I had with it was you didn't really grab the melody of the song, which I think with a song like that is key. There's not much going for it but the melody, which is amazing. You definitely took your own take on the song but I have to admit I wasn't fond of it. It's not your singing, it's what you did with it I didn't like. But it's just me, other people might like it. I, personally, would have liked it if you had stuck to the melody. You do have a good voice though you just need to watch the pitch problems.
I see what your talking about. Although, to defend its hard to capture a song with an acoustic guitar and some vocals that some producers probably spent time and alot of effects on. Anyways, I appreciate the critique. Thanks for helping me.
im not familiar with the original version of this so i dont have anything to compare it too but overall it sounded good to me. i liked the acoustic playing and it was good throughout and the vocals sounded good for the most part as well. nice job.
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Okay guys. I just rerecorded it, i didnt change how i played it just the singing. Hopefully the pitch makes you guys happier
it's really good, not a bad voice you got there, I can see this voice on a CD in the future or the radio, if we still listen to those in the future
haha seriously cracked up. nice one, and thanks so much for the crit!
Great cover man, really enjoyed it. You have a great voice. You aren't Australian are you? Your straight lines cover sounds great. If you wanna do a collab sometime pm me . I love acoustic versions of songs, and have all this recording gear, but I wasn't graced with a voice heh.

Good job.
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Thanks man, I really appreciate it! No, I am not austrailian although that would be cool. Im from Chicago, Illinois. And sure, I am down with a collab, but I have never done that before so I am not sure how that all works out. But ill send you a pm!

Thanks again
It's funny because my girlfriend told me that we should cover this song, and I hadn't heard it before.

I like your version better than OneRepublics .

I sent you a PM also.
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Thanks man. I just uploaded it to youtube guys, if anyone will listen to it ill be really happy! I think this cover is really good (sorry, I'm usually modest...) so any crits are welcome!
Think I might try covering this too. It's too early for singing that high now, wait till I wake up a bit!
Ya, watch your pitch a little more. But overall, your vocal tone was great., i was impressed. Good Job
Hey guys thanks, I'm not so sure about the pitchiness remark, but I will work on it. I guess I just don't see much of it in this particular song, probably just me. I would love to push it an octave, but thats ALOT to push and I think its probably way out of my vocal range to do so. Just gotta make due with what I have. I think I will change the guitar up a bit to make an audible change from the verses to the chorus though.