I am good at palm muting, but can only get the correct sound when i down pick. I want to learn how to mute when i upstroke as well. I actually can do down and up on only one string, but when it is 2 strings like, A and E together, it doesn't come out the way i would like. Any tips, or pages i could read on this?
i dont think you can? exept when you do it really fast.

But like normal "chug" speed. It dosent sound right, so i dont think you can on the up stroke.
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Make sure you don't take off your picking hand when doing the upstroke. I'm surprised at how many people actually do that without realising; I myself used to do it.
It's the same as when you down pick? just try practising alternate picking in a horse gallop iron maiden style. up then down while always keeping your palm on the strings
As I do it, I'm noticing that my pick isn't on the same angle to the strings on the upstroke.

Also, I tend to hit the second string first, so it takes most of the force and sorta... takes over the sound.

I think I'm going to play some foo-fighters song in all upstrokes and get back to ya!
Wow, that makes my hand tired fast....

I think part of our problem (it doesn't sound the same for me either - except using just the right tone) might be that our hand is just weaker on the upstroke.

I think doing some songs entirely in PMed upstrokes might help...
^ you're probably tensing up your muscles to get the speed which is bad. your wrist should be pretty limp and pliable.
You could be lifting your palm a little....try making your upstroke a little lower than your downstrokes....and really I would downpick all palm muted stuff that isn't fast chugging or galloping....
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