I'm looking for a new amp for around $400-$800. It should be durable and big enough to play live, although I could mic it. I play mostly rock music along the lines of Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, and Dave Matthew's Band with either my Martin acoustic, or my Gibson SG. I have a lot of effect pedals so I wouldn't need a multi-effects amp. Any suggestions?
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I'd look at a Traynor YCV50 Blue, great cleans, marshall-y OD and plenty of gain on tap
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A nice Fender'll do.
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shame youre not in the UK, laney VC would pwn for that

i'd say a fender

or a classic 30

or the decent blackheart
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Used Vox AC30!!!
And I'm not biased at all

Pretty much any tube Fender would great as well.
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