i've been playing guitar for awhile now but ive always been lazy with restringing it. well i got new ones on yesterday didnt notice any problems played for awhile then went to bed and etc. today i go to play and i notice that my bridge is popping out of position. the string tension i think was to high but when i go lower i notice then that it isnt the right tuning.

any ideas what i did wrong or what i have to do to fix it?
What kind of bridge is it?
Your strings will go out of tune if you don't stretch them in, because they strecth a fair bit by themselves, so you have to stretch them yourself so they don't go out of tune again.
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if it's a floating bridge, you probably need to put another spring on the back of the guitar to make a good balance, if its not floating, you may have a cheap bridge or body, or too heavy of strings. what kind of guitar and bridge is it?
its a strat and i believe its got a floating bridge and this has never happened before after 5 years with it (maybe more) so im just wondering why this would happen now. i think i might have left to much slack and didnt rotate it around the knob enough but i dont see how that would make this happen.
i had the same problem, just tighten ALL screws on the bridge, im sure something is loose, if that doesnt work stretch the new strings, and if that doesnt work add an extra spring under the cavity plate to make it go even. it worked for me, but it might not sit down all the way, all fenders has a slight gap in between
tighten the scews for the bridge in the back cavity of the guitar,that should help and strech ur strings out when u put them on peace
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