hey, i'd really like some help with this.
I have an amp, and Ashton GA10, it's not great, but it does the job.
the only way i can record is to run my guitar through my amp and in to my laptop's line in, as i can't afford an audio input device, i'd love one of those m-audio ones.
i found a mic somewhere in my house. it's a "Ross RE-333 Dynamic Microphone" it also says "IMP. 600" and has a greek letter, which i'm guessing means it has an impedance of 600 Ohms (is that spelt right?).
anyway, i'd love to record acoustic stuff as i write on acoustic and love doing covers, i know this mic is probably a vocal mic, but it means i can record my acoustic. if it really sounds bad, i can do some fiddling with it in garageband right?
when i put the quarter inch jack of the mic in to my amp and turn it on i get like zero sound. i only hear something if i tap the mic, and it's very muffled.

you should have guessed by now that i'm wondering why i get no/little crap sound. what can i do about it? will it just not work?

mic specs:
Ross RE-333 Dynamic Microphone
600 Ohm impedance (i think)

amp specs:
Ashton GA10
input and headphone out
the speaker in it has "4 ohms maximum output:30W" written on it.

that's all i know. any help is greatly appreciated and if it will work i will let you listen to anything i record :p
i have like £20 ($40) that i can spend if i need to get a mic btw.
Broken mic?
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hmm, it's a possibilty.
my dad suggested it might be something to do with impedance and i might need a preamp.
i'm mostly looking for someone who can say that's BS or tell me why it's right, then i'll know if it's broken or there's a reason.
You'll need a preamp to work with your laptop's line in...your dad's right. Look into Art's MP series.
thank you sooooooo much for the advice Fast_Fingers, i'd been looking around for an audio input device and this is PERFECT! i would hug you if i could.
it has 1/4" jack and XLR and it's valve!!!
i looooove you!
basically, i was gonna save up for it, but my dad said he'd buy it for me and we can make it togther from a kit. we're a bit on the poor side, so that really surprised me!
we've checked all the tech specs and read loads of reviews.
thank you!
You're welcome. If you're confident about fiddling inside, it may help your sound quality if 1) You get an interface or external sound card or 2) You replace the stock tube inside the Art with a high quality one like a Tungsol or Groove Tubes.
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well, my dad is a bit of a tube freak himself and he said he's got some better ones going spare we could use. he'll probably help me get it together. maybe a little bonding over a shared project?