I wanted to upgrade my pickups on my strat. I have a few choices:

-Lace Sensor Gold
-DiMarzio Area '58 and '61
-Fender Vintage Noiseless
-Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless
-Fender Custom Shop '69

Here's some info about my style: I like my sound garagey and gritty, but not a buttery dirt, more of a glassy dirtyness (think Black Keys/White Stripes). I also want it to be very responsive to picking, almost clean when I pick lightly, but can get dirty when you hit harder. I prefer the neck pickup because of its glassyness (vs. bridge pickup sparkle).

Which ones do you think are best? It sucks because you can't find some of these to try in guitar stores.
What strat do you have at the moment?

Maybe try the Texas Specials, but i'd recommend the BareKnuckle Irish Tour set, if they are available to you?
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Lindy fralin blues specials with bass plate and blender pot. They just smoke everything else. I have 7 strats and that is the one I use for heavier blues rock.
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