hey guys. this is my first big guitar mod and i decided to put some seymour duncan ahb-1 blackouts in my ibanez rg1570. after some serious modifcations and switch trouble (had to carve out the pickup cavities and drill new holes for two new pots) i have decided to bypass the switch entirely and see if i can wire it up with separate volumes and tones for each pickup. what i was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a good wiring diagram for my set up? all i want is seperate volumes and tones without the use of a switch because i believe bypassing the switch will give me full analog control of my sound. any help anyone could give me would be awesome.
i believe this would work for actives; but being that ive never wired them up, this will work for passive, so in my mind it would work for the general wiring to the tone and vol controls (no battery stuff) if you can read a simple schematic, this should be easy for you.

It won't. You'll need a wire connecting the battery to the jack and pickups.

Just use a regular active 2v/2t diagram, but instead of sending the hot wire from the volume pots to the switch you'll send them to the output jack.
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ok thanks guys im gonna give it at try. if something doesnt work i'll try to be specific as posible