Lol... well I am and the past 30 minutes have felt like forever. So help me pass some time guys!
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A kid took a fetal pig during pig dissection, put a napkin on it as a cape, wrote "super pig" on it, then threw it out the window onto the greenhouse below, yelling "super pig, blast off!". He failed the pig lab
Watch Spongebob, it will keep your attention for ages whilst buzzed. Don't start monging out though, my friend does that when stoned, he stays in the same place for three hours straight, staring into space.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
listen to music or watch a funny film.

oh and when got the munchies, eat oreos
hello! I feel alot happier these day so feel loved by these so entertaining smiles