a friend gave me an old traynor ts200 amp 200 watts man it is loud however i have no clue on hookin it up i see 2 inputs in front and 3 in the back can anyone help me figure it out i also dont think the internal speaker works
there should be 2 inputs in the front, clean and drive. the three on the back should be main, high gain and low gain. if you want a strumming sound song thing like... lonely day by system of a down, then you want the clean imput. for standard guitar playing you can use either the drive on the front or the main on the back. if you want a nice lead guitar sound use the high gain input. for a rhythm guitar sounding input but still that electric guitar feel use the low gain. about the internal speaker. it isnt super important. but it is essential with the clean and low gain chanels. so you might wanna go to your closest music shop and have it checked. hope i helped
right now i goin fom guitar to distortion pedal to tuner to normal input on front of amp