I was messing around with my Valveking last night and came to the conclusion the lowend is way to loose for my liking. I've tweaked it alot but its still been driving me crazy for a while now but i've been blowing it off thinking its my playing.

So heres how the night started. I like to do alot of tremolo picking but got away from it because of the way the amp sounds and figured it was just me. But I got bored last night and after the pedal-pro's and con's thread I relized i need to use my Body Rot more.. Expensive boutique pedals shouldnt just be sitting there collecting dust lol. So i hooked it up and played a few things and then started tremolo picking. I thought someting was wrong at first lol my speed of picking sounded like it doubled and it was tight and percise. So i stopped and reviewed the recording and sure enough. It sounded a whole lot faster then the valveking. Example dun dun dun vs dununun. Its hard to explain but it the valveking feels spongey. Which explains why I cant my dununun dununun stuff.

So now that you know the back story, i was walking around the music store today and the Randall RH100 i've been eye ballin is still sitting there. So i get to talking to my buddy and he is like sell the valveking and get your 6505/5150. But i told him naa because i wouldnt have anything to play in the mean time. So i was pondering and thinking back to last night i said what the hell and picked up the Randall. Im going to try it out tonight and see what it sounds like and test my lowend theory. If anything it might be a good filler until i get my 6505 or might return it if it doesnt sound good with my rig. Other options are blend the two and run both at the same time. But if anything it will make a good Dimebag Piece so i can get that type tone when i feel like cranking out some Pantera.. So we shall see when i get it home tonight..

Ohh yea and before yall tell me i should have saved the cash for the 6505 im not spending any cash on the amp. Im trading some of the stuff i have laying around for it. So its not dipping into the 6505 fund..
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