Lately I've noticed a lot more criticism of bands vocal styles than I used to. Everywhere I go, people who barely know anything about metal criticize bands, on the basis of how their "highs" and "lows" sound. More frequently, however, I hear people talk down on any band that uses inhale vocals. Now I can't name any particular bands that use inhales, but what does it matter? In my opinion, it doesn't matter how do you them, as long as they sound good. But would you guys dismiss a band solely based on their use of inhales?

If this belongs in the Growling thread, I'll move my question there.
thing is people usually critize about screaming because they just cant scream themselves.I scream for my band and i only use exhales...also inhales can hurt ur throat after doing them so long....if you have the right screaming technique then you can scream all day and have no damage to your throat at all
As long as it sounds god then it doesn't matter for me. There are as many shitty vocalists who uses exhales as there are using inhales