hey, i got my used gretsch electromatic chorvette a few days ago and i have a few questions about the bigsby tremolo. is the tremolo bar supposed to be parallel with the guitars body? because mine is slanted at a higher angle. also, when i pull up on the bar, the spring will become loose, as in it is like not connected to the bar. when i pull up with the bar, the spring inside the tremolo will rub against the screw. this only happens if i pull from a certain point tho. thanks
i dont really know the answers to your questions but just pointing out if you didnt know already, bigsbys arent supposed to be used like floyd roses or other trems, its really only for light vibrato.
Send me off to bed forevermore.
Neither of those are problems... I love Bigsbys.

As long as the spring can't come out when you're bending the strings "up" then you should be fine.