and im having a lot of trouble getting it setup. I still only have a little practice amp (Randall RG12) and i cannot get a nice sounding tone out of it. It sounds better without the pedal Any suggestions or tips on what can help me? Am i stuck having to buy another amp to use this thing?
i had that amp as my first amp.....it's the amp...what kind of music you play?
I have the RP250 as well. You can try a couple of things:

1) Try pressing the little black button in the back. It switches the RP250 to either amp or mixer mode...one usually sounds better than the other based on the amp or if you're recording.

2) adjust the equalizer on your amp. I have mine almost all the way down on bass, mid, and treble. If I put them half way, there's waaayyyy too much variance. If I put them all the way down, I get no sound. Also make sure you don't have any distortion or anything on on your amp.

3) I use bridge pickup with no tone...I let the RP250 do all that.

Other than that, I don't know...probably the amp. I love my RP250. I've never used single-effect pedals and I have a cheap guitar so I don't know what say...'perfect' sound is. But I think the RP250 if pretty **** good
thanks for the suggestions i will try it out and let you know what i come up with
+1 on guitar tone, mine is turned all the way down.

i was going to say there is a gain control too but that should be set fine in factory setting. Also, don't know if this matters, but you are coming out of Mono jack and not Stereo jack right. Can you at least validate that you can hear all the different effects as you step thru them? On most settings the expression pedal acts as an effects level or boost control so sometimes you have to step forward till you get it where you want it.


After you get this figured out go download the XEdit software so you can customize and rename settings.

Mine was awesome out of the box
Go to the digitech website and download some tones and upload them to your RP250 using X-Edit. Most of the tones I downloaded suck, but they are sometimes good launch points for your new custom tones. Run through the presets and edit those as well, another good launch point.

Don't forget to set the amp's settings to a FLAT EQ, meaning everything set to 0, 5, or 10, and keep it on the clean channel.

I like the same music as you and I haven't found the perfect tone yet, but I've only had mine a week and the tone I like most is the 808 Tube screamer set to maximum gain and one of those Brit amps with maximum gain. The distortion is so thick
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