Absolutely horrible, you should kill yourself.

Just kidding, it was awesome. Good job.
awesome man, near perfect!
For those who care.
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Great work there mate, good to see another user rockin the PGM Although you are definitely better at the Racer X playin than me haha.
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Amazing, i wanna be able to do that too. How long did it take to learn?
wrong forum

EDIT:Still great cover though

p.s. nice guitar
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i started practicing a lot mid year when i was in grade 8 so around 2 years now serious, but i had played 1 year before that playing easy rock songs, and it took me around a month to learn the song completely but a while longer to be ablet o play it clean
not bad dude, pretty cool
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Really good, but I think PG sig guitar is lame. I mean fake F holes? Come on...

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