any one every heard of them before? they came outta the whole detroit hard-rock scene along with MC5 and the stooges.

they actually did a really awesome version of "house of the rising sun" which got into the top ten singles in 69-70. check em out on pandora.com
I've actually been meaning to check them out. I've heard OF them but never actually heard their music. I love that late 60's early 70's Detroit Rock stuff like MC5, Stooges, Grand Funk, Brownsville etc. I'll have to look for their albums online. I'd also like to find some Bob Seger System (his early hard rock/punk outfit) but I think it's mostly out of print.
yeah their first album is very hard-rock and bluesy. its self titled and still in print as far as I know.
Their cover of THOTRS is on YouTube as being Pink Floyd
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I managed to find an album just called Frijid Pink, I'm presuming it's the first record.

They're really good. There's definitely a Detroit sound to it.