So I finally sold my Epi Les Paul studio today for $250. I was planning on buying a used Epi G-400 from my local shop, but they sold it. So, my mom felt bad and said I could go back tomorrow and try out some stuff, and she also said she'd go to the bank and grab a couple hundred bucks from my savings bonds. She figured, about, $250-300 extra.
The store is also selling a Peavey VK 112 for $300, so I'm also going to get that, giving me $200-250 to spend on a new guitar. They don't have too much to choose from, but they carry LTD's, Jackson's, Ibanez, Fender, and some used stuff here and there (not sure what was there). Any suggestions on a guitar that I could check up on there (just name some models from the companies I listed, and if they don't have any of the ones anyone suggests I'll pick something)? So, I'll only have max $250. I play mostly metal and hard rock, more metal though. Thanks.
I can't tell you what specific instruments your local store carries, so you may as well just play all of the guitars and just pick the one that you find the most comfortable.
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Fender Strats play great. And Teles too, but not really for metal as much.
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Yeah I figured I'd get a response like that, but I was just wondering if any model types in that price range are better than others so I know what I can look for when I go tomorrow. Like, would a low end Jackson be better over a low end LTD? Stuff like that.

EDIT: Yeah, I like tele's more, personally, but they don't do too much for me in this situation.
Well, I definitely wouldn't get a Fender, seeing as you'd be under the price range of a MIM instrament, and they wouldn't be good for metal.
As for the others, Jackson and Ibanez have a better reputation for low-end guitars then ESP does, but when you go that low, it's hard to differentiate. The only suggestion I'd make, other than just play-testing each guitar on the Peavy and seeing which one soudns best, is to not get a LFR guitar, seeing as when you go low-end, the LFRs are typically really crappy.
And of course, you can take solace in the fact that whatever you get, it'll sound awesome out of your VK.
So you want to spend $250 on a guitar which will be pretty much lesser or equal value to the one you just sold?
Forget the amp. Although it is much more important than a guitar, there is no point in spending $250 on a cheap guitar when you just sold a cheap one. Might as well go for an upgrade instead of going 1 step backwards.
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Here's the thing, I wouldn't have sold the Les Paul if I liked it, but I grew to hate it in general. So I sold it. I don't really care if it's much better than it, cause I'll be working for my brother over the summer. I played my friends Ibanez Gio (not sure which) and liked it more than my LP. Plus, if I didn't get a guitar, I wouldn't have one to use until I saved up for the better one. I'm just getting a cheap one to hold me over until I start working for my brother in the summer.
Then spend the money on a guitar, and upgrade your amp later. Being without a guitar means you need a guitar more than a new amp.
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woot 4 valve king! check out the ltd's they have, you could later on replace neck w/ a passive bucker for some rock tones and you want an 81 emg in bridge
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Quote by groovis
Then spend the money on a guitar, and upgrade your amp later. Being without a guitar means you need a guitar more than a new amp.

But then there's the chance that amp will be sold by the time he gets enough to buy it. I'd say get the amp and the cheapo guitar, at least right now you'll have an idea on what they have and hopefully they'll still have about the same inventory when you have enough cash or possibly some even better stuff. And yay for used gear, I always feel used gear (still good and working) has a bit more character than brand new gear.