So i did this tab, 2 guitars and bass, but now i cant open the file. I did like an hours work, changed the title and it crashed (macs dont crash = bull****) So i did the work again, accidentaly closed, it seemed fine, no error when it was closing, but now when i open the file it says the application gp5 quit unexpectedly ...help
sucks for you. I like power tab
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Mine did something like that once.. Try restarting the computer?
Do you use a BR-600?
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perhaps make sure the file is named correctly with the right extention, if not perhaps reinstall the program. If that fails just learn to save as you go
thats what you get when you buy guitar pro

and when i mean buy, i mean download.
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ok try instead of saving songs as gp5 export them to midi then import it later. this is what i do