I thought i knew had to read tablature , it seemed easy but now i'm confuse abit

The E is the top thickest string. 0 means open so if it says 0 - 0 - 1 - 2
does that mean 0 - 1st fret is nothing - 0 same 2nd fret not placing fingers 1 - 3rd first place index and 4th fret place middle finger?
0 means play the open string, without fretting. 1 means put your finger on the first fret of the string and play it. 2 means put your finger on the second fret of the string and play it.

But not actually on the metal of the fret - just behind it, to get a clean note.
yes 0 means strum the string without holding down on it... hence "open string" and then yes 1 means the first fret and so on.. and if they are stacked like 0 and 2.. if you may not know that.. lol... both are strummed at the same time
On the:


Just press the 2nd fret down with nothing on the top string. Weird at first but you should get used to seeing that and weirdass chords down too like:


...Damn barre chords